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Our story

At the beginning of 2000s Dovgyallo Family (Heorhi & Vladimir) has established first sturgeon caviar farm in Republic of Belarus. Sturgeon caviar produced here by the most progressive technological and scientific method with no copy in the world.

The fundamental feature of Admiral Husso caviar reveals in purity of fish environment. Which results in prestine and gentle taste of Admiral Husso malossol caviar.

It is a result of family owned technology of deep water purification plant with more than 10 levels. Our water contains extremely high level of oxygen and natural ozone, which removes all foreign odors from fish body on molecular level.
Our Products:
PREMIUM IKRA by Admiral Husso
PREMIUM IKRA is a product of additional deep cleaning of the aquatic environment. As a result this type of OSETRA caviar has a rare crystallized sturgeon delicacy aroma, unsurpassed clean creamy taste and velvety aftertaste.

Extremely small level of salt and absence of preservatives makes every spoon of this caviar - piece of gastronomy art!

ALBINO IKRA by Admiral Husso
GOLDEN CAVIAR IKRA is a most rare caviar in the world. A unique, valuable, incredibly nutritious product is a royal pleasure. Caviar color is exquisitely golden and tender. Delicious brilliant product for true gourmets and professional caviar experts!

Distillate White Sky by Admiral Husso
We produce AMAZING craft grain distillate from rye and wheat raw materials.
Through a combination of traditional recipes, popular in the Slavic lands, and innovative technologies of the 21st century, we are reviving the tradition of making strong drinks. The mixture of bright taste qualities of natural grain distillates and original ingredients gives a bright unique flavor and traditional flavor.
By distillation, we get a flavored drink that has characteristic organoleptic notes of the raw materials. Pure primeval taste of natural grain distillates creates an atmosphere of calm and spiritual warmth and will be a godsend for true connoisseurs.
About us

• Our plant is registered as a member of the international system CITES
• Highest quality, certified by international certificates in the food industry FSSC 2000
(Food Safety System Certificate), ISO 22000, HASSP
• The first sturgeon caviar factory on the territory of CIS with the right to export to Europe.
Export veterinary number to EU BY-05-05-26.
• Assigned export veterinary number to the countries of the Customs Union.
• Received US FDA certificate to work with the US market
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CEO of Admiral Husso
Vladimir Dovgyallo
Head Office in Republic of Belarus,
Minsk, Melega str.5/1, office 210

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